Eliza and Ethan at The Italian Wardrobe

The Eliza & Ethan multi-way dress is made from luxurious fabric which is machine washable! It can be worn in over 22 different ways and comes in over 22 colours, which is a perfect way to allow each of you to express your individuality and personal style.

Sometimes known as the 'convertible dress' or the 'twist dress', it is the only one that you can truly say is ONE-SIZE and crease free! 

It also comes with a matching bandeau and carry pouch. 

The heavy material of the dress, hangs beautifully, flattering any shape at the same time as being light and comfortable, making it the perfect outfit for bridesmaids, brides, evening wear, mums to be, postnatal and holiday wear. 

How to Wrap

When buying five or more, please contact us for a 10% discount